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Why do I keep hitting my bow arm with the string?

Dear Jim,  

Why do I keep hitting my bow arm with the string when I shoot my bow? It doesn’t  happen all the time but I’m getting some red marks more often than I would like.

The first thing I would do is buy an arm guard until you solve the problem. Two things come to mind that would cause you to hit your arm. One is improper grip on the bow. You might have too much hand on your grip. Try not letting the grip of the handle contact the outside of your life line on your hand. Your knuckles should be at a 45 degree angle when you grip your bow with your hand completely relaxed. Let the bow just sit on the grip without gripping it. Another possibility is your draw length might be too long causing you to close the distance between the string and your arm. I’m confident that with the proper grip of the bow and the correct  draw  length this should eliminate your hitting your arm.


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