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Ron Gerchow

Ron Gerchow: Spot Shooter Archery Championship TeamRon’s dad had him in a goose blind when he was four, so he grew up hunting. He started bow hunting at fourteen and took his first deer with a recurve bow then. Ron has hunted waterfowl and upland game and raised dogs for many years, but everything kind of got in the way of bow hunting, so he bowed out of the shot gunning and now bow hunting is what he enjoys most.

Ron shot competitive Trap and Skeet for a few years and just recently started shooting target archery

Ron shoots 3D, Indoor Spots and Broad Head leagues as a member of the Oakland County Sportsmen’s Club. He joined Team Spot Shooter in January 2007 and has enjoyed being on the team and working in the shop very much.

This year he will start shooting some tournaments and get a little more serious. Hopefully an old dog can learn some new tricks!

Ron’s indoor target set up is a Hoyt Vantage X8 with Killer Beez strings, a Sureloc sight, Specialty Archery 6X scope, a Doinker stabilizer and v-bar. For 3D season he shoots a Quest HPS33 with an G5 expert rest and G5 optix sight with a Doinker stabilizer.

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