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Tips from Lonnie – Volume 1

We’ll be featuring articles from our new team member, Lonnie Collins, every couple of weeks. Be sure to check out site frequently so you don’t miss anything!

How Good Do You Want To Be?

Welcome to my blog! I am really honored that you have taken the time to view the musings of an admitted Archery addict. The whole purpose of my blog is to be a good ambassador for the sport of archery and hunting with a bow.

This is really all about YOU, and helping you achieve everything you want out of bowhunting or competition. We spend way too much time, effort and money to do it wrong. Let me help you with some of the tips I’ve learned.

I have been bowhunting for 30 years, and competing in archery for the last 21 years. My summer job when I was going to college was working at an archery pro shop. During that time frame I have trained with:
- Tim Strickland, former Olympic Archery coach and developer of the core of the NASP curriculum.
- Bernie Pellerite, former NFAA Archery coach, author, inventor and owner of Robinhood Videos.
- David Cousins, Archery Pro, arguably the ‘Tiger Woods’ of archery.

I have spent over $2,000 to learn the best from some of the best. Each week I will be giving you tips that will help you maximize your potential as a hunter and competitor.

So, here is you tip for this week:

Automotive Goop is your friend!

When you are getting your bow ready for the upcoming hunting or competition season, put a dime sized dollop of Automotive Goop (or RTV) on the back of your sight bracket. It will absorb the vibrations from your practice rounds, and keep your sight in place even if your screws back out slightly. Special note: If this is your hunting set up, do this at least a month in advance so you will not have any scent issues! When it comes time to change sights, just use a razor type knife to remove it. It will not harm the finish of your paint or camo.

In the mid 90’s we were competing at the Canadian Indoor Nationals. At the end of the first day I was within 1 point of being on the podium at the end of the shoot. There was a talented young shooter by the name of Chris Glass – that lad could shoot! We kept exchanging points, but in the end he won out by that single point. After congratulations and while I was disassembling my sight I noticed that my screws holding my sight bracket were almost entirely backed out! Thank God for the RTV! The bracket, even without the screws was still firmly affixed to my bow.

Thanks for spending this time with me. Whether hunting or competing, remember my motto;

Aim Small – Miss Small!


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