Spot Shooter Archery

Store Hours:
Mon, Wed - Fri :10a - 6p
Tues: 10a - 8p
Sat: 10a - 4p
Sun: Closed

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Going Fishing? We’ve Got Your Bait!

Spot Shooter Archery – we have extended hours and a wide selection of bait for all of you local anglers looking to get out on the water first thing in the morning! Come see us (we are in Holly, on Grange Hall Road – get directions)!

Learn to Tune Your Bow with our Tuning DVDs

Learn how to tune your bow with Spot Shooter Archery! Our Tuning DVDs will take you through the process of tuning your bow.

Killer Beez Scope Cover

If you’re a target archer, you are probably familiar with the frustration of trying to shoot in the sun or rain. Our exclusive line of Killer Beez products offers a Scope Cover – this handy gadget will shade your scope, no velcro or tape required! Owner (and champion archer!) Jim Beasley demonstrates the product and tells you more:

Killer Beez Traditional String Wax

Traditional bows need a wax with a thicker consistency – and our Killer Beez Traditional String Wax fits the need! Watch Spot Shooter Archery’s Jim Beasley and manager Dan Hall demonstrate how to use Spot Shooter Archery’s exclusive Killer Beez Traditional String Wax, and explain the benefits of this custom product:

Killer Beez Golden Lok Weights

Why settle for Silver – go for the Gold!

Our exclusive Killer Beez line of custom archery products now offers Killer Beez Golden Lok Weights, designed to assist your archery with our unique design. Watch Spot Shooter Archery’s own Jim Beasley (a champion archer himself!) explain the benefits:

PSE Bows: Product Review

A look at the PSE line, by our own Jim Beasley. If you’re in the market for a new bow this hunting season, you will want to hear what’s up with PSE’s current product line!

2013 Hoyt Bows: Product Review

A product review of the 2013 Hoyt Bows by our own Jim Beasley! If you’re thinking of a new bow this hunting season, you’ll want to see what’s up with this year’s line from Hoyt.

2013 Bear Bows – Product Review

A quick review of the 2013 Bear Bows by Spot Shooter Archery owner (and pro-archer) Jim Beasley. Just in time for hunting season!

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