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Tony Leger

Tony Leger found archery later in life at the age of 36. After relocating to MI from MA after a few years in CA, Tony found a local club, Detroit Archers in West Bloomfield, which has public range time and equipment rentals. Giving it a try and enjoying it very much, he made his way to Spot Shooter Archery to purchase his first bow, a PSE Vendetta XL. Thinking that archery was mostly for hunting and 3D, Tony found there was another side to it…target archery. Within a year Tony was competing at a local level, eventually purchasing his first target bow, the PSE Supra HP.

A few short months later, Tony joined PSE’s Field Staff and shortly thereafter, Jim Beasley asked Tony to be part of the shooting staff at Spot Shooter Archery due to his near infectious love of the sport and overall passion when speaking about archery. Competing on the local level and eventually state level, Tony has received numerous pins and medals in the Freestyle Compound division. On a whim in 2014, he put aside his compound bows and made the switch to Olympic-style recurve for target and recurve barebow for 3D. Within the first months shooting recurve, Tony placed 2nd in his first indoor state event and a few months later finished 2nd in his first state outdoor event followed shortly by his first state championship title. A smattering of other top 3 showings both in target and 3D fell in between.

Tony is a Level-2 USA Archery instructor, former Detroit Archers board member and the TCAA representative for Detroit Archers where he has been a member for 5 years.
Tony now shoots exclusively recurve at the local and state level and is looking forward to taking it to the National level in the upcoming years.

His current setup includes:
• Custom PSE X-Appeal recurve riser
• Uukha EX-1 limbs
• Shibuya Ultima RC 520 Carbon sight
• Ambo Adjustable Iris aperture
• Spigarelli magnetic rest and plunger
• Fuse Carbon Blade ES stabilizers
• Black Mamba Archery finger tab
• Carbon Express Nano SST arrows

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