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Chris Schnur

Chris Schnur: Spot Shooter Archery Championship TeamAfter his father got back into archery only a few years ago Chris figured that he would give it a try. And bought a simple all around bow – it was nice in the beginning, and served it’s purpose… in 2012 he took that simple hunting bow and won the QAD ultra rest extreme shot challenge shooting a turkey target 45 yards away out of the back of his jeep!

After some success in 3d tournaments and leagues he started shooting indoor and really enjoyed it, and traveled with his family to Kentucky in 2013 for the indoor nationals and had a ton of fun.

Chris’s setup is currently a 2012 Hoyt contender elite xt3000 with spiral x cams, axcel achieve cxl sight with an x-31 scope, and a spot Hogg edge rest shooting a truball ht2 release

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