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Bibi Troupe

Bibi Troupe: Spot Shooter Archery Championship TeamBibi Troupe has been involved in archery with her boyfriend, Jim since mid 2008. Her joyful spirit and positive attitude make her a pleasure to be around. She supports Jim in his competitions and in his business. She enjoys shooting local leagues and competitions with him.

Bibi was born in the Philipines and has lived in the US for over 25 years. She is a fitness fanatic and enjoys weight lifting, aerobics, bike riding and dancing. Her cooking is excellent (Jim likes that) and she has many of her own exotic recipes.

Her dedication to her archery training, along with her competitiveness, will soon make her a force to be reckoned with in future tournaments. Bibi shoots a Hoyt Kobalt  23.5 draw at 31 lbs. She has a Pro Tune rest, SureLoc Sight, Specialty Archery 4x scope, with a PR Signature stabilizer. She shoots X7 20H arrows with a TruBall HT release. Her bow is also outfitted with Killer Beez Custom Bow Strings.See below how Bibi’s shooting style has progessed in a very short time working with Jim Beasley.

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